Tuesday 14th May - SOLD OUT! With Drew Colby Shadow Master,

Old Play & Ophelia Payne

Tuesday 14th May



Ralli Hall, Denmark Villas, Hove BN3 3TH

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or over the phone on Mondays and Fridays 9am-1pm on 07848827806

Bookings open on the Monday following our last event.

Upcoming events

Tuesday 14th May - Drew Colby Shadow Master, Old Play & Host Ophelia Payne

Tuesday 11th June - Madame Official, Billie Gold & Coco Deville

Tuesday 9th July - Sebastian Angelique, Alison David & Chris Hide

Tuesday 6th August - The Bow Tie Boys, Jamie Heward & TBC

Tuesday 10th September

Tuesday 8th October

Tuesday 29th October

Tuesday 10th & 17th December

Past Events

December 14th & 15th 2022 - Nick Ford, Andy Williams, Chris From Seaford & Jason Lee

February 9th & 16th 2023- Andrew Farr is Edith Piaf, Jamie Heward, Joey Clark & Billie Gold

March 16th 2023 - Cherry Shakewell, Dave The Bear & Obviously Elvis

20th April - Chi Chi Revolver, Sharon's Music & Alfie Ordinary

18th May - Liberty Nova, Alison David & Dolly Rocket

22nd June - Chris Hide, Tom Fitzpatrick & Coco Deville

27th July - Madame Galina, Billie Gold & Jamie Heward

24th August - Ophelia Payne & Ryan Mac & Billie Gold

31st August - Audrey Heartburn & Dolly Rocket & Chris Hide

5th September - Patching Lodge Garden Party with Billie Gold & Cherry Shakewell & Dolly Rocket

7th September - Kiki LaHula & Jennie Castell & Alfie Ordinary

14th September - Lorraine Bowen & Aneesa Chaudhry & Dolly Rocket

21st September - Joey Clark & Obviously Elvis & Jamie Heward

28th September - Special Event! An afternoon of film, entertainment and disco! 

26th October - Petit Pois & Ophelia Payne & Ida Barr

7th December - Danielle D'Ville & Chris Hide & Chi Chi Revolver & Jamie Heward

14th December - Cherry Shakewell & Alison David & Coco Deville

21st December - Dave The Bear & Andrew Farr is Edith Piaf & Billie Gold & Jason Lee

25th January - Singalong film & Disco with Alfie Ordinary

22nd February -  'A Grand Farewell to The Ballroom' with The Boss & Georgie Sinclair & Dolly Rocket & Host Alfie Ordinary

13th February - Becca Mann Fire & Paul John & Billie Gold & Medusa Has Been

9th April - Fake Bush & Davina Sparkle & Dolly Rocket